How Design Works For Startups

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Our Insights

Suggestion – Importance of Intellectual Property for Startups
In this chapter, we will explain intellectual property rights from two points of view: the intellectual property rights to be brought to attention while designing; and the intellectual property rights generated by design.
Practical Case Studies – How Design Can Contribute to Startup Growth
In this chapter, we will look at a case of a startup in which we actually provided design support and will explain in detail how to put design into practice and what kind of effects and outcomes are expected from design. We want to share our know-how that should benefit all those involved in startups, including entrepreneurs, designers, and investors.
Design Approach – Concepts, Thought Processes, and Four Quadrants
In this first article, we will delve into a way of thinking and key points of thought for using design in business effectively in practice. Here, we will explain how to fully engage designers and when to invite them to join a project.
Our Proposal: “Three Elements of Design” for Evolution of Startups
Power of design to support achieving “Zero to One” in startups and new businesses. In continuation of the previous studies on the questions: “What is a Startup?” and “What is Design?”, we will talk about these chapter theories and practical knowledge that we gained through our joint research based on fundamental ways of thinking about startups.
History of Design and Main Points of Design Today
To proceed to talking about design, we think that it is important to check again on the definition, origin, history, and role of the word “design.” In this column, we will try to explain techniques of design and ways of thinking about design through defining the word in our way and looking back on the history of design.
What Is a Startup
In continuation of the previous “Introduction” article, we would like to dig deeper into the impact and effectiveness of a startup as a form of business.
Why? What? and Our Aim – We would like to introduce our agenda and background of this joint research.
Sony Design Consulting & Final Aim Partner to Conduct Joint Research
The partnership aims to fill the gaps in startup and design, promote aggressive investment to design, and contribute to a resilient and sustainable ecosystem for startups.

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